During an emergency, reliable communication is critical.

Staying informed with clear radio transmissions between first responders inside the building and emergency personnel outside the building can help prevent further injuries and save more lives.

Some buildings present serious communication problems for emergency responder hand-held radios trying to operate inside of buildings.  These problems can be caused by building materials such as concrete, metal, energy-efficient windows, and below-ground structures.

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage / ERRC is the testing protocol used to determine whether emergency responder hand-held radios will work properly in a building.  This testing procedure produces a “heat map” of signal strength readings throughout the building, and any problem areas are highlighted.

To solve these communication challenges Sandifer Engineering & Controls is proud to be an area leading certified and licensed ERRC provider.

How Do You Know IF You Need One?

Sandifer offers ERRC surveys conducted by AHJ approved, factory certified personnel who hold an FCC GROL license. These surveys will determine whether or not you need to install an ERRC system

What Is Required?

If a survey shows your building needs an ERRC system, Sandifer will provide you an estimate to engineer, design and install an ERRC system with Bi-Directional Amplification / BDA  in-building antennas to boost the signals in the poor signal areas.

Need an ERRC Survey Done?